It’s Bathurst 1000 Time!

It’s that time of the year again when hundreds of people descend on the Mount Panorama, Bathurst for a full on 4 day event of cars, cars and more cars.

Yep that’s right, it’s Bathurst 1000 time people. A yearly event that takes place in October, where fast cars are the biggest of deals. When revheads get their time to shine and when those who love cars but are too shy to admit it, have a time to let their hair down. It’s a big weekend and a big deal with a lot of different things happening, such as legendary Craig Lowndes last event. Continue reading


Book Review – The Passion for Muscle Cars

'The Passion for Muscle Cars' (ISBN 9781925403886)

Our good friends at MotorSport M8 have reviewed a review copy of Joel Wakley’s new book The Passion for Muscle Car – The Australian Pursuit of Power 1950-1980 for us that we sent to them. Continue reading

Nissan Announces ‘Fastest Sports Car In The World’

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed which just took place over the last four days in London, Nissan boss Alfonso Albaisa made a pretty big announcement –

The next-generation Nissan GT-R will be the “fastest super sports car in the world” when it’s finally introduced in around 2021.

Now that is a statement! Continue reading

Watpac Townsville 400

Yesterday saw the second leg of the Watpac Townsville 400 take place

If you haven’t watched the race and are waiting to watch your recorded race, then I would stop reading now. If you like a spoiler or already know what went down, carry on reading…

Continue reading

Interesting Car Reads

This morning I was shown a news article that kind of blew my mind.

It came from and was written by Craig Duff. Titled – Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III sets new muscle car mark at $1m-plus, pretty much tells you what is going to be written in the article, but none the less, it is still worth the read. Continue reading

Motorcycling pioneer

Hey Pitstop followers,

Got some news about one of the authors from Woodslane, one of our partners in bringing you great books.

The wonderful people of Channel 10’s television show RPM, will be taking some time to talk to one of our authors, Sally-Anne Fowles. Continue reading